Tairova, T. G. The Biography of Samoilo Velychko, the Author of the Famous Cossack’s Chronicle

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Title of the article The Biography of Samoilo Velychko, the Author of the Famous Cossack’s Chronicle
Authors Tairova, Tatyana Gennadievna — Doctor in History, Professor, St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., OrcID https://orcid.org/0000-0003-1050-4264, Scopus ID 57193642116, SPIN-код 2728-2548, AuthorID 618584
In the section Fontes / Historical Sources
Year 2016 Issue 2 Pages 76-88
Type of article RAR Index UDK; BBK 94(477); 63.3(4Укр)46 DOI 10.21638/11701/spbu19.2016.206
Abstract In this article our imaginary and true knowledge of the biography of the author of the well-known Cossack chronicle Samoilo Velichko are investigated. On the basis of the analysis of a historiography the history of emergence of myths, and also the most famous versions of the biography of Velichko is shown. For example, we study the circumstances of the termination of his service in General office of Zaporizhian Army. The author introduces new archival documents from the Russian governmental archive of ancient arts and from the archive of the Institute of History of Russian Academy of Art in St. Petersburg and represents own interpretations of various facts. As a result, we obtain more exact data on study, a social origin, marital status, and also the «misfortune» which has happened to Velichko and put an end to his career of the army bureaucrat. Contrary to the most popular opinion in the historiography it is now possible to take for granted that Velichko didn’t lose his position after V. Kochubey’s disgrace, but remained on service up to his capture in December, 1708. And moreover, he was in army of the hetman I. Mazepa after he joint Swedes. The detailed analysis of the military company of November–December, 1708 allow to make the assumption of circumstances of «misfortune» which happened to S. Velichko. Most likely, he was taken prisoner in Romnakh, during the urgent departure of I. Mazepa’s troops from there. Besides, the revealed documents confirm availability of close ties of Velichko with Zaporizhian Host and in particular with the Host’s clerk G. Bovguley. And it is only the myth that S. Velichko taught V. Kochubey’s children.
 Keywords Cossack’ chronicles, S. Velychko, Russian Governmental archive of Ancient Acts, Ukraine, Ukrainian Hetmanate, Cossack’s history
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Tags: Russian Governmental archive of Ancient Acts, Ukrainian Hetmanate, Cossack’s history, FONTES / HISTORICAL SOURCES, Cossack’ chronicles, S. Velychko