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Title of the article Letter to the editorial board

Gorelik, Mikhail Viktorovich (1946–2015) - Ph. D. in Art History, Senior Researcher, Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

In the section Disputatio / Discussion
Year 2015 Issue 1 Pages 64-66
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The author criticizes the theory of Sergey Bogatyrev about the origin of helmet of Ivan the Terrible. He considers, that this theory contains the old and erroneous identification of the word «shishak» and «chechak». «Chechak» was mentioned in the testament of the Grand Prince of Moscow Ivan the Red. «The Gold chechak» was a pendant in form of a flower. HelmetneverwasasymbolofpowerofChingizingkhans. The Cap of Monomach was the Crown of the Golden Horde primordially. Ithadatoothed, aggededge. Probably, it was a gift of khan Uzbek to the Grand Prince Ivan Kalita, his true vassal. Ivan Kalita received it for the suppression of Tver uprising in 1327.

Keywords the Cap of Monomach, Ivan the Terrible, Ivan Kalita, helmet
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Tags: Ivan the Terrible, DISPUTATIO / DISCUSSION, helmet, Cap of Monomach