Sapanzha, Olga Sergeevna. Images of small plastic as part of the space of Soviet everyday life

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For citation: Sapanzha, Olga Sergeevna. Images of small plastic as part of the space of Soviet everyday life, in Studia Slavica et Balcanica Petropolitana. 2019. № 1. Pp. 38-52. DOI

Title of the article Images of small plastic as part of the space of Soviet everyday life
Authors Sapanzha, Olga Sergeevna – doctor of cultural science, Institute of World History, Russian Academy of sciences, Moscow, Russia, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., OrcID000-0001-7874-2539, Researcher ID M-5521-2016, SPIN-код 6063-7030, AuthorID429499
In the section  Commentarii / Article
Year 2019 Issue  1 Pages  65-77
Type of article RAR Index UDK; BBk UDK 792.8+929; BBK 79.1 Index DOI

The research was support by Russian Science Foundation, project Nr. 18-18-00367.

Studies of daily culture today have become an important part of historical and cultural studies. Private details, as structural elements of the home space and everyday life, are in priority in usual area exploring. Works of small plastic are such details. The study of the complex of works, stylistic features, places in the house area and links with cultural and historical processes are based on the integration of historical, cultural and art studies.The images of small plastic, created on the motives of the poem by Alexander Pushkin “Bakhchisarai fountain” and the ballet of the same name by Boris Asafievare the articlefocus.Three trends in the development of artistic images in the art of porcelain, bronze and cast iron are documented on the basis of an analysis of the works by Natalia Danko, Elena Janson-Manizer, Olga Taezhnaya-Chechuina, Anatoly Kiselev, VladislavShcherbiny (1920–1970 years).
In addition, the scientific interest is the study of the place of works of small plastic in the space of everyday culture.The article highlights three aspects of this study: 1) the artistic component of industrial art works, 2) their place in the typical interior area, 3) studying the processes of popularizing the ballet art as a strategic direction of the Soviet cultural policy.

Keywords daily culture, soviet culture, cultural policy, soviet decorative art, soviet porcelain art, bronze and cast iron art, poem “Bakhchisarai fountain”, ballet “Bakhchisarai fountain”
Full text version of the article. Article language  Russian
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