Vasilik V. V. Αbout a hinterto unknown prayer to St. Anastasia

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Αbout a hinterto unknown prayer to St. Anastasia

Authors Vasilik, Vladimir Vladimirovich  — Ph. D. in Philology, Associate Professor, St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
In the section Fontes / Historical sources
Year 2015 Issue 2 Pages 161-172
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Abstract The object of the article is the publication of the article in honour of St. Anastasia, which is contained in the uncial Greek manuscript of the Monastery of St. Catherine. The manuscript can be dated with the 8th–9th centuries both because of archaic character of system of tones and aspirations and because of pronounciation of υ как ü. The prayer written in the manuscript has no analogies among the liturgical texts. It is directed to crhist and bears definitely christological character, where praise of martyrdom is
connected with the idea of imitation to Christ and deification. We meet some points of correspondence of the prayer with early Latin Vita of St. Anastasia ― the indication to her noble and Christian origin, to the link of her Life with Passion of Sts. Irene, Agape and Chionia and perhaps to the character of her death, which imitates Christ’s death. The form and content of the prayer in honour of St. Anastasia reminds Latin prefatio in Masses dedicated to memory of martyrs and especially to that in honour of St. Anastasia. Lexical and phraseological parallels show the closeness of the prayer’s text to Byzantine monuments of the 5th–6th centuries. At the same time we did not find words and phrases characteristic for Middle Byzantine period. If we take in account translation of relics of St. Anastasia from Sirmium in 458, we may suppose, that the prayer was composed after 458, but not later than the middle of the 7th century.
Keywords prayer, liturgy, martyr, manuscrips, uncial, translation, relics
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